Joan Brown talks through her process, from the successes to the frustrations.


Joan Brown reveals that the "element of surprise" is what makes a painting successful.

Joan Brown was a painter and an avid swimmer. Here she recounts a near-death experience while swimming in San Francisco Bay, and how it inspired a series of works.

Painter Joan Brown doesn't scale things down, but paints on a grand scale, almost as if she wanted to walk right into her work.

“The paintings are all a reflection of Joan.” Noel Neri, son of artist Joan Brown, talks about Brown as a mother and an artist.

"Her art was her anchor." Curator Karen Tsujimoto on Joan Brown.

“She walked the walk, but didn’t talk the talk.” Associate curator at the San Jose Museum of Art Jodi Throckmorton on Joan Brown.

The Art of Joan Brown at the San Jose Museum of Art.